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Hi, I'm Jacob :)

Jacob Schmitt personality picture turned in profile, gripping his shoulder in a black turtleneck

Sooo, here’s what u need to know:


I’m an actor and theatre artist from Fairhope, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana. My parents owned an antique store down south, and I’ve been bouncing around the Gulf Coast since I can remember. 


I just graduated from Boston University!! I studied acting in BU’s College of Fine Arts, concentrating in film/TV studies and movement direction. I studied classical performance at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in London where I was certified with distinction in broadsword combat from the BASSC; I also served as the music director and movement captain of multiple productions. 


Enough about work. 


I'm a fourth-generation toy-maker. I grew up fencing and learning to train dogs (seldom at the same time). I'm a proud tabletop game enthusiast, love working with my hands, and spend inordinate amounts of time pretending to be a singer-songwriter.


If you need music recs or a shoulder to climb on,

I’ve got the guy for you.


Stay in touch,

JA <3


jacob schmitt

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